About the Author

After 35+ years of experience in manufacturing and business process leadership, I founded Continuous MILE Consulting, LLC in 2014.  Our mission is to enable clients to succeed in three areas:  Process Improvement, Safety Leadership, and Structured Innovation.

As a certified Master Black Belt, certified Master Facilitator, and Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader, I apply knowledge in leadership, change management, process improvement, mistake-proofing, lean six sigma, innovation, and mentoring to solve problems and help others be more effective.  I have extensive experience leading a large contingent of Black Belts who led or mentored hundreds of improvement efforts. This group accrued nearly $400 million of cost productivity and revenue enhancement during eight years of LSS deployment.  Moreover, we were able to remove countless pain points and simplified many processes to reduce non-value added work and frustrations.

I have a keen interest in workplace safety and the psychology of personal risk taking.  I advocate using simple behavioral techniques and continuous improvement thinking in addressing the challenge of risk reduction.  I use a strategy that is designed to help managers and supervisors gain a deeper understanding of what it means to lead others for safety. In my experience, any organization can dramatically reduce the number of injuries through a focus on safety leadership.

A safety culture assessment tool that I developed enables organizations to place themselves on The Safety Leadership ContinuumTM. The information from this assessment is used to identify skill gaps for managers and supervisors.

One of the skill gaps that is prevalent among managers and supervisors is the ability to conduct an effective safety conversation with their employees.  I designed and developed the Safety Conversation Guide as a structured approach that enables the supervisor to focus on the critical aspects of the discussion while building trust with the employee.

The key principles in my bestselling industrial safety book, Safety WALK Safety TALK are now offered as an online course.

My professional passion is centered on helping others to succeed in their safety and continuous improvement efforts. I believe that the key is to give each person the tools and the confidence that they can make a difference –  both as an individual and in a small team.

My personal passion is centered on my family.  I enjoy biking on our recumbent tandem, golf, learning new things, and traveling to any place that requires a passport.

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