Safety WALK Safety TALK online!

What if… employees were compliant with all safety rules and policies even when no one was watching?

What if… employees looked for ways to reduce risks and eliminate hazards, and they were actively engaged in implementing solutions?

What if… you could facilitate safety conversations that identified true root causes of incidents or near misses – and these led to permanent improvements?

What if… you could go months or years without a recordable injury?

All over the world, managers, supervisors, and team leaders seek to engage employees in safety discussions in a way that fosters commitment.

The problem is… many supervisors are frustrated because they can’t truly connect to workers. They spend more time policing safety violations than making improvements.

Most plans are developed to reduce incidents AFTER they happen. Employees continue to make mistakes or take risks that lead to injuries, despite a growing list of safety action items.

Managers and supervisors secretly cross their fingers and hope they don’t receive a phone call or text message about the next safety incident.

To achieve sustainable safety excellence, you need a simple set of leadership skills and strategies that successful and safe organizations use every day.

Included with the Safety WALK Safety TALK online course:

  • One year access to the 2.5 hour, 7-module online course
  • Monthly “Live” Community Learning Sessions with author and coach David Galloway
  • e-copy of the companion book
  • PDF of Pocket Guide for a Safety Conversation
  • Safety Conversation mobile app
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Available in English, Español, and Français
  • Bonus Lesson on Mistake Proofing