What is a Continuous MILE?


The Continuous MILE is a never-ending series of small improvements that moves us toward achieving our vision.


It has been my experience that most significant desirable outcomes, whether in business or in your personal life, are achieved by linking together a number of small improvements.  It is rare to discover that if we do just one thing differently ,we are able to achieve our goal.  On the other hand, most of us can think of single events, approaches, decisions, or techniques that can clearly make a difference.  If we can identify and implement a series of complementary minor improvements to any process, the result can be a large effect.

I have chosen the acronym “MILE” to express this concept.

Minor Improvements  Large Effect

Those who are seeking personal, professional, or business process improvement are on a continuous journey of many small steps.  A goal that may seem impossible can often be attained by framing the challenge in terms of many smaller (minor) increments of improvement.

My goal is to share experiences, observations, and thoughts on those small things that can have a large impact on achieving success for anyone who is on the continuous improvement journey.  What are some of the most impactful improvement techniques that should be considered as we strive to move from our current state to a higher level of performance?  In my view, these techniques are beyond technical tools.  They include principles in change management, coaching, self-awareness, psychology, facilitation, and leadership.

I invite you to come along with me on this journey as we share and discuss some of the small, but powerful actions that are the bricks and mortar of any continuous improvement house.  I look forward to hearing about what works (and what doesn’t work!) for you.