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David Allan Galloway shares 3 ways leaders can shape their safety culture at the 2020 Ohio Safety Congress. His comments are based on his best-selling industrial safety book “Safety WALK Safety TALK: How small changes in what you THINK, SAY, and DO shape your safety culture”.

David Allan Galloway provides an introduction to his highly acclaimed Safety Leadership & Conversation Skills workshop. He is filmed presenting the first 15 minutes of the workshop to a group in New Zealand.


Podcast Interview

A Conversation with David Allan Galloway, Author of Safety Walk, Safety Talk

In this episode of No Accident, host Kathleen Finato of TRUCE talks to David Allan Galloway, an author and consultant who uses his 35 years of manufacturing and business leadership experience to help clients improve safety performance.

David published Safety WALK Safety TALK in 2019 to share tips on how leaders can decrease risk-taking and bring greater hazard awareness to their employees. Listen in as David tells us about how several personal experiences led to his passion for safety, and how he utilizes behavioral psychology and leadership principles and applies them to safety performance.

“The bottom line, as I see it, is understanding how people think, how they behave, why they do what they do, and how to lead them in a way in which they will embrace these things for the good of others as well as themselves”

“My passion is driven by a couple of very painful and personal stories in my life that I experienced while I was working,” David says in this episode of the No Accident podcast, presented by TRUCE. “I always felt like there was a huge component of leadership that determined whether or not people could work safely or not.”

As the author of “Safety WALK Safety TALK,” and as the Founder and President of Springboro, Ohio-based Continuous MILE Consulting, LLC, David offers companies strategic leadership advice geared toward improving safety performance — an area of business development that he says few senior executives take the time to plan for.

David argues that if business leaders don’t take the time to learn how their employees think and what drives their actions, they won’t be able to improve safety performance because employees won’t feel cared for.

“It doesn’t matter how proficient I am at creating a safety rule. It doesn’t matter how much technology I deploy. It does not matter how much structure I follow. If it doesn’t start with … ‘I’m doing this because I care about others and I do not want to see them get hurt,’ then we will often fall short of the mark.”


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