“I clearly see investing in Safety Conversation Skills as important to both SUSTAINING a positive safety culture, as well as creating the open environment where we uncover those ‘icebergs’ that are below the surface.  In my organization, technical skills are often viewed as the critical element for success; communication skills, coupled with understanding your ‘why’, drives leadership.  A leader that can’t display his ‘why’, and can’t communicate using different styles, is not viewed as a leader.

That’s what I’ve gotten out of Safety Conversation Skills training.  In addition, Dave Galloway’s presentation skills, providing personal stories and understanding of manufacturing environments (not just academic experiences) lend immense credibility to his teaching.  He demonstrates a passion for safety and has a great sense for his audience.”

Kathy C.
General Manager



“There are a lot of articles on how to change your safety culture.  Here’s a method that works.  The Safety Conversation Skills workshop (developed and facilitated by Dave Galloway) gives supervisors critical skills to have meaningful safety conversations.  Moreover, participants learn why it is important to engage employees using a five-step process that is outlined in the Pocket Guide. When employees realize that their supervisor cares about their safety, it drives a level of employee engagement that goes well beyond safety.

Dave Galloway’s material resonates with people.  His emphasis on knowing your personal why is a concept that everyone understands.  Class reviews are glowing. More importantly, supervisors leave this interactive workshop with skills that they can take out to the shop floor the same day!

This approach has been welcomed by our workers. For example, an hourly employee remarked to me, ‘Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?'”

David B.
Director, Safety & Environmental



“Dave’s unique approach provided valuable insight into our current safety leadership and allowed us to develop a site specific strategy for improvement which was created with a high level of input and ownership from the leadership team.  His passion for the subject and strong facilitation skills engaged all leaders for improved and effective Safety Conversation Skills, while assisting us in further developing our safety leadership commitment.” 

Sean W.
Mill Manager



“I participated in a Safety Conversation Skills workshop facilitated by Dave Galloway of Continuous Mile Consulting. The workshop is laid out in a build-up manner, which helps the participants understand and practice WHY Safety is about caring and safety leadership. It helps them see that a culture of commitment — want to — is more beneficial than a culture of compliance — have to.

Dave facilitates the workshop illustrating the safety concepts with relevant examples that get the participants’ attention and commitment to apply classroom learning to their job application.

The role-playing exercises get the participants to practice the skills in a safe environment, so they feel comfortable and stimulated to put into action a Safety Conversation right when they get back to work. They will know how to do things right and how to do the right things.

I highly recommend the Safety Conversation Skills workshop to any organization that is seeking excellence in its safety practices.”

Carlos B.
Institute President



“Safety Conversation Skills is a bit of a misnomer.  I say that because the training is really deeper than the title implies. 

It’s about understanding and developing safety leadership, and ultimately through these conversations, it’s about is empowering all employees with the knowledge and thought process to work safely each and every day.   

It’s about helping people to recognize and manage hazards, and, since we are human after all, avoiding error traps.  

It’s about demonstrating care that leads to collaboration and commitment. 

I took my group of supervisors through this class, and while cause and effect is hard to prove, we have experienced a substantial reduction in incidents. This improvement emanates from improved personal accountability, awareness, and safe choices.  David has successfully integrated an easy-to-follow approach on human performance. Great feedback on this class from my teammates who don’t mince words. I definitely recommend David’s program as a foundational part of any safety excellence journey!”

Mark T.
Plant Manager



“I have been privileged to work with David on several occasions for the purpose of providing the skills necessary to positively challenge and effectively change a safety culture.  His facilitation skills and ability to communicate at any level in an organization enables him to take a subject such as Safety Conversation Skills to any employee group. 

David’s style and training methods are extremely effective at building the skills necessary to begin changing the safety culture of any organization on the floor and in the office.”

Bill W.
Maintenance & Engineering Manager

 Workshop Participant Feedback